The Simon Family Criminal Justice Foundation


The Simon Family Criminal Justice Foundation was established in 2005 by four members of the Simon family, including former Stanislaus County Supervisor Ray Simon.


Ray Simon received his criminology degree from U.C. Berkeley and advised three California governors in criminal justice matters. He served Gov. Ronald Reagan as a member of the California Council on Criminal Justice, and chaired the subcommittee that recommended the formation of regional law enforcement training academies located throughout the state. The first of those was built in 1968 in Modesto and 30 years later was renamed the Ray Simon Criminal Justice Training Center to honor his service to law enforcement education. Simon also served Gov. George Deukmejian as a member of the Governors Office of Emergency Services, and Gov. Pete Wilson as member of the California Board of Corrections.


Other founding members of the foundation are Joan Simon, Jeff Simon and Julie Simon-Avery.


Partnerships - buy zithromax The Foundation actively encourages public-private partnerships between industry and law enforcement agencies to enhance law enforcement and public safety for all Californians.


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